NECCTON Stakeholder Workshop

Co-design of future products


Co-design of future products: 28th-29th of June 2023

Workshop Outcomes

The ocean’s biodiversity supported the livelihoods of over three billion people, providing vital services, including food and nutrient cycling.

Our objective was to enable Copernicus Marine Service to deliver novel products that informed marine biodiversity conservation and food resources management, by fusing new data into innovative ecosystem models that integrated biological and abiotic components, habitats, and stressors of marine ecosystems.

The workshop gathered key stakeholders, potential users, co-designers, and the scientific teams dedicated to the development of products, to refine the characteristics and specifications of the new products.

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28 November 2023|News

NECCTON's Latest: Reports on Advancements in Key Products

We're pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive series of reports that unveil the innovative products our project aims to develop across various key areas. At NECCTON, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and these reports underscore our commitment to delivering advanced solutions.

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12 July 2023|News

NECCTON's first Virtual Science Meeting

NECCTON's first virtual science meeting was a great success. Providing an opportunity for the whole team to gather and share details of scientific advancements in the first six months of the project. 

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03 July 2023|News

NECCTON Co-Design Stakeholder Workshop

Last week, the NECCTON Stakeholder Workshop: Co-design of Future Products was held virtually. This two-day workshop took place on June 28th and 29th with the aim of presenting NECCTON's future products and gathering stakeholder needs. The first public event of NECCTON attracted over 100 participants, including key stakeholders, project scientists, and potential users of NECCTON products.

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28 June 2023|News

Advancing the Conservation of Ocean Biodiversity through Copernicus Marine Service Evolution

The New Copernicus Capability for Tropic Ocean Networks project (NECCTON) aims to expand the Copernicus Marine Service product catalogue by delivering new and improved biogeochemical products, by means of new models of higher trophic levels, the benthic habitat, and of marine pollution. Launched in January 2023, the project received funding under a Horizon Europe Call for the evolution of the Copernicus Marine Service and will run...

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